Evelyn Sadovsky Jewelry Designs

I am, and always have been, inspired by texture and colour.

Born and raised in the former USSR, my family was full of diverse creative experiences - my father a pilot by trade and an amateur painter, my mother a pianist, and my grandmother an amazing tailor who introduced me to textiles, colours and precision. I learned early that self-expression is an essential key to the happiness in life.

I decided to follow my heart into a field I was internally drawn - design.  

I was smitten by enameled jewelry; never had I experienced such a dynamic and truly effervescent type of jewelry that captured the colors and spirit of life. My fascination with textures, desire to manipulate precious metal to resemble the miracle of nature or wonders of the space brought me to learn wax modeling techniques.

My jewelry is a nature-inspired, artisan-crafted blend of contemporary, high quality textured metals, natural stones, enamel and a lot of love. I create jewelry that speaks to the world about who you are: classic, modern, bright and bold, flashy and fun or simply elegant. I design to inspire.

Currently my jewelry is displayed at Decatur Fine Art gallery
Please feel free to contact me with any questions
Evelyn Sadovsky

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