Evelyn Sadovsky Jewelry Designs

“Bring your sexy on" bar/pendant accented with citrines

From the Enchanted Lace collection “Bring your sexy on" , long sterling silver pendant/bar accented with citrines. The versatile design allows to wear it horizontally or vertically making the piece a great addition your wardrobe. The pendant can be custom made with citrines, topazes, peridots, or garnets. The pendant/bar is long yet very light only 7gr, Could be worn with "bring your sexy on earrings"

Each piece is individually designed to make a woman feel exceptional; each speaks to a desire to express her individuality. My jewelry isn’t just about how a piece looks on a woman; it’s about how a woman feels when she puts it on. When she feels sexy, chic and stylish, I’ve accomplished my goal.