Evelyn Sadovsky Jewelry Designs

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Enameled Leaf Pendant


Leaves are falling, colours are changing, autumn is here.

This pendant gives the feel and colours of fall and winter.

Japanese vitreous enamel fired multiple times on Sterling Silver creates an amazing colour pallet of ever-changing nature. The pendant is 1.6 inches long, and 12 grams of Silver; it has very organic look and feel to it.

Every piece is handmade so the colours might slightly vary

The pendant comes in three options: Sterling Silver, Oxidized Sterling Silver and 18k Gold plated Sterling Silver and can be purchased in a set with a ring, small pendant and earrings.

My jewelry is a nature-inspired, artisan-crafted blend of contemporary, high quality enameled metals, and natural stones. I create jewelry that speaks to the world about who you are: classic, modern, bright and bold, flashy and fun or simply elegant. I design to inspire.